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Youse Got Choices

A landing page that speaks to a specific audience

The Challenge

How’s this for a niche audience? The Youse Got Choices campaign, which raises awareness of career choices available in the trades industry, is targeted at young people who are:

  1. Māori or Pasifika
  2. aged 16-40 years
  3. based in Auckland, New Zealand

Run by Māori and Pasifika Trades Training Auckland (MPTT), the campaign needed to speak the audiences’ language, but still be authoritative. The goal wasn’t to talk like a best mate, but a trusted, approachable advisor.

The Solution

To hit the mark, we started by researching how the audience talked to each other on social media. We trawled through Facebook comments on MPTT’s page and other groups targeted at this demographic. This gave us a list of key phrases to use to help us connect with the audience. Having interviewed trades trainees for this client in the past, we also drew on these conversations to tap into the right tone of voice, as well as the trainees’ concerns.

For example, when introducing the campaign videos on the landing page, we could have written something generic like ‘Check out the videos below’. But knowing trainees often doubt their abilities and whether they have what it takes, we chose a phrase that tapped into their need for encouragement: ‘These guys know you can do it’. The word ‘guys’ is casual, and we knew from our research it’s a word the target audience might use. But at the same time, the phrase isn’t so informal that it would step outside of MPTT’s role as a trusted advisor.

In the first three weeks of the campaign, the videos were viewed by 106,546 people – with around 90% of them being in Auckland. The vast majority (97%) viewed the campaign on a mobile device, and most viewers were aged 25-34 years. Of the people reached, more than half (55%) took further action, such as liking, sharing or commenting on the videos on social media, or clicking through to MPTT’s website.

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