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Toro Homes

The Challenge

Australia-based Toro Homes helps people design and build their dream home.

With its marketing historically aimed at property investors, Toro needed fresh website copy that spoke directly to the families who would be living in their custom-built houses.

The Solution 

We crafted new website copy that focused on Toro’s key point of difference of creating a high-quality home that’s tailored to the customer, without the high-end price tag. This meant selling the dream of living in a brand-new, custom-built home, but ensuring it wasn’t just marketing fluff by communicating concrete details about how Toro does this (like including luxurious features in its standard designs, to ensure every home has a high-quality finish). 

We made sure the copy addressed key concerns of potential homeowners, like fears that the process would be difficult or stressful. We also emphasised the benefits of creating a custom home rather than buying an existing build, to pique the interest of the right customers.

"Awesome work! You’ve done an amazing job. Really, I just didn’t expect you to be able to communicate all of that without having worked here with us. I loved the tone and you’ve definitely got our voice just right. Really impressed at how you’ve managed to outline the process in a way that’s both streamlined and detailed at the same time. SO HAPPY!

Alex Hardy

Toro Homes

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