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SEKI Earplugs

The Challenge

SEKI earplugs are a cleverly-designed health product for surfers, created by Kiwi-Samoan Chris Ryan. When Chris asked us to write strong sales copy for his website, our main goal was to communicate why SEKI plugs are better than other products in the market.

The Solution

We zeroed in on SEKI’s unique features: they’re easy to hear through, fit comfortably in the ear, and are hard to lose. We also scattered genuine surfer testimonials through the site – surfers telling other surfers that SEKI earplugs are the best around.

"Awesome work! You’ve done an amazing job. Really, I just didn’t expect you to be able to communicate all of that without having worked here with us. I loved the tone and you’ve definitely got our voice just right. Really impressed at how you’ve managed to outline the process in a way that’s both streamlined and detailed at the same time. SO HAPPY!

Alex Hardy

Toro Homes

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