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The Challenge

Not long ago, the team at OneHQ spotted a gap in the professional services market. They created a one-stop shop for all the back-office stuff businesses need to thrive, from accounting to IT. 

But with multiple services comes lots of information to get across. So OneHQ asked us to distill their story into something simple, clear and easy to digest. This was used on printed materials as well as the website.

The Solution

  • To immediately let customers know they’re in the right place, we started with a clear statement about the value they’d get from OneHQ: ‘Everything you need to grow your business, rolled into one.’ This highlights OneHQ’s main point of difference – being a one-stop shop for business services – but speaks directly to the customer by talking about their needs (rather than just telling them about OneHQ). 
  • From there, we acknowledged their customers’ main pain points, such as having too much paperwork and wasting time following up with multiple service providers. This shows customers you understand their problems, and therefore are in a good position to help them. 
  • We highlighted the main benefits customers would be interested in. For busy business owners, this included having a proactive partner rather than a service provider they needed to chase up, and saving time by having every service they need in one place.

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