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B styles U

B styles U

As a fashion stylist in Sydney, Belinda is in a saturated niche with her business B styles U.

But having checked out her competition, we noticed they were all a bit … intimidating. Their copy was often heavily focussed on the stylist – their qualifications, knowledge and expertise. And when it did turn to talking about the reader, something just didn’t seem right.

When we dug deeper into Belinda’s audience (such as reading reviews of books about personal style, or comments on relevant YouTube videos), we realised what it was. Overwhelmingly, the message that came through was that the women reading personal style books and watching videos on the topic often felt talked down to, like they were being lectured on a bunch of rules. What they wanted was to learn from someone who could relate to them, who could recognise that not all women want to look or dress like fashion models.

This was in line with Belinda’s warm, disarming personality. It also made sense that if women were going to have a stylist come into their home and go through their wardrobe with them, they would need to feel comfortable with that person. Yet Belinda’s competitors seemed to be presenting an image that was more ‘fashion diva’ than ‘knowledgable friend’. To stand out, Belinda could appeal to the many women wanting a stylist who they could relate to and feel at ease with.

With that in mind, we wrote warm, personal copy for Belinda’s website that focused on the reader, while still making it clear Belinda has clocked a lot of experience. At the same time, we addressed concerns that had come up in our research that could keep women from taking the step of hiring a stylist (such as putting it off until they lose weight, or until their kids are older).


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Posted on

October 11, 2016