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Atomic Coffee

The Challenge

Atomic is a strong brand with a clear focus on craftsmanship. But in a competitive industry like coffee, it’s hard to stand out. As part of a website redesign, Atomic’s copy needed to be updated to suit the brand’s friendly but confident tone of voice, and communicate its points of difference. 

Having started in the cool, creative community of Kingsland in Auckland, Atomic has long since grown to be a leader in the industry. It needed suitably polished and professional copy that was still approachable and true to its roots.

The Solution

To show Atomic’s expertise and focus on quality, we stripped out the industry jargon and unnecessary words to create clear, crisp copy that’s easy to read.

Brand voices that are humorous and fun are commonplace these days, but can fall flat if they’re not consistent with the brand as a whole. We used friendly, everyday language but avoided jokes or hipster slang, resulting in a straight-forward and authoritative tone to match Atomic’s position as an authority on coffee.

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