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Copy that’s memorable, but still professional

Skip the marketing fluff and stand out from your competitors

Content makes or breaks your website
You know the right words would be a game-changer for your business. You know you want to stand out from your competitors, without sounding unprofessional.

But you don’t know where to start (or frankly where to finish).

So you type out the first thing that comes into your head – and hope it works. And you’re not even surprised when it doesn’t.

When it comes to your business, you shouldn’t just guess what to write.
Because no matter how great your website looks, words are what guide people from casual observer to customer.
If you’re ready to give up the guessing game, we can help. Because here’s the thing: copywriters don’t ‘just know’ what to write. We use formulas, psychology and tried-and-tested methods to help you get results.

But we’re not
just copywriters. We’re trained journalists who cut our teeth on telling memorable stories in a clear, concise way. We’re not into meaningless marketing or writing content for the sake of it. We take care to do our research and check the details, making our words equal parts creative and accurate.


Four years ago, having side-stepped from journalism into  corporate jobs, we noticed our employers outsourced a lot of the fun stuff.

Those cool projects we didn’t have time to do in-house would come back from big agencies, covered in glitter and smelling of Chanel No. 5, ready for us to edit out any typos and fluffy bits.

We wondered, ‘What if we took our detail-oriented journalism training and combined it with our marketing knowledge?’

The result was copywriting for companies that want to leave their boring business-person pants at home but still be taken seriously, and freelancers who want copy that’s in their voice, only better.

We launched Copy Craving, quit our jobs, freaked out a little, and moved all our worldly possessions from the big smoke to Raglan – a small beachy town on New Zealand’s west coast. (That’s it over there in the picture.)

And we never looked back. Because writing so much can give you a stiff neck and it’s hard to turn around.

So what can you expect from us? We write clean, easy-to-read copy like journalists, with the creative touch of a copywriter, all informed by our experience in marketing, communications and the media.

Brands we’ve worked with

“As soon as I read the copy, I was ready to sign up for my own services! I loved it all. I felt like I could relate to the content and it had the right positive tone. It was professional but personal, and it read the way I would talk. When I first looked at working with a copywriter I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was beyond impressed with Briar and Ben’s work.” Belinda Janis

Owner, BStylesU

How it works

1. Get in touch

To kick things off, give us a call or flick us an email. We’ll chat with you about your project and give you a quote. To secure your place in our calendar, we charge a 50% deposit.

2. Research

Great, we’re working together! Now to pinpoint what needs to be said. This might mean asking you questions, doing keyword research or stalking your ideal customer online.

3. Writing and Editing

This is where the magic happens. Armed with insights from the research stage (and our copywriting strategies), we head into our copy cave to craft words that get you results.

4. Review

You get your shiny new copy! We’re careful with our editing so you can expect copy that’s clean and good to go. But if there’s anything you’d like to tweak, we’ve got you covered.  

“Briar and Ben have a great gift for making the complex accessible. Using their extensive experience in journalism, they ask the right questions, unearth gems of information and create content that tells the right story to our customers and consumers. Professional in their manner and delivery, they are a pleasure to work with.”

Anna Skerten

Senior Marketing Consultant, Chorus

Have we met?

Ben Chapman-Smith

Ben Chapman-Smith

Ben is a details person who gets stuff done. His eagle eye and knack for spotting a great story have been honed by years in the journalism industry. Ben’s forté is clean, easy-to-read writing that grabs (and keeps) attention.

Briar Douglas

Briar Douglas

When Briar’s not writing for Copy Craving, you’ll probably find her happily writing something else. She’s worked as a journalist, content marketer and copywriter and loves the creative side of crafting words.

“Ben and Briar always take the time with us, don’t make assumptions and time after time deliver copy that's innovative and on target. Having the Copy Craving team available frees us to focus on other aspects of our business. A classic undersell and over-deliver ethos.”

Kirk Sargent

Project Manager, MPTT: Auckland

What is copywriting anyway?
What it’s not: Adding that little copyright symbol that legally marks your territory.

What it is: In short, copywriters use words to get the right people to click, buy or sign up. Copy is the words on your website, landing pages and blog posts, and in your emails to customers. It’s advertising copy, like they write in Mad Men. Basically if it involves words (and you don’t want them to be boring), it involves copywriting.

I live in the North Pole. Can we still work together?
Absolutely! There’s this thing called the internet now, which makes us practically neighbours. Feel free to drop by and have a chat. Or less metaphorically, send us an email or call our secretary. (Actually we answer our own phone, we just wanted to sound important).
Do you have experience writing about the mechanical distilation of organic Paleo water?
Not yet we don’t. But we used to work as journalists, and writing about new topics is basically what journalists do all day. We’re not afraid of unknown territory, and research is an essential part of the writing process. The common thread to our work isn’t the topic itself, but writing about it in a way that’s clear and easy to read, using the voice that’s right for the job.
Is your copy tested on animals?
We’ve been known to read our work to cats, but they were always fully compensated for their time with cuddles and treats.

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