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Copy so sweet, it’s self-saucing

Words are powerful and saying the wrong thing is as ineffective as saying nothing at all. To get results, you don’t just need words that read nicely. You need the right message, delivered in a way that makes an impact on the right people.

Stick around to get help with these types of content:

Website Copy

Your website talks to your customers even while you sleep – so make sure it’s saying the right things. Great website copy is clean, creative and SEO-friendly, but never formulaic.


Copywriting is all about understanding your reader. Whether it’s an annual report, press release or email course, the right words in the right place will help you get results.

Sales Copy

Effective sales copy isn’t manipulative; it helps the right people find solutions they need. With strategic landing pages and sales funnels, you can target your ideal customers.


Spelling and grammatical issues are distracting. By weeding out repitition, wordiness and clichés, you’ll get your message across faster and keep people’s attention for longer.
“Briar and Ben made the copy sound like me. It didn’t sound like it was someone else’s voice, and I love the creativity that was added into the content! Their professionalism is outstanding and they do what they say they are going to do. I now have two new friends … was that part of the package?” Shari Amos

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What we’re talking about

How to write epic case studies that get you more clients

Case studies can help you get more clients. That’s obvious, right? By showing people you’ve done this work before, and gotten results, they’re more likely to trust you with their own project. Sure. But you can do much better than that. What service-based businesses do...

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A simple strategy to nail your tone of voice

You might think copywriters ‘just know’ what to write. Well, they don’t. Sure, some will dive right in and write something that reads well. But that’s just guesswork – they’re writing what they think sounds right (or what the client told them to write). There’s a...

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3 annoying blog mistakes to avoid

Sometimes in marketing, the things that seem to ‘work’ – the things that get you more clicks, clients or cash – have a big downside that limits their effectiveness in the long run. That downside is this: They’re really annoying. TV and radio ads are a prime example....

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Inspire trust with your business copy

People like buying things from those they know, like and trust. That’s fine if you’re only planning on selling to your mum and your mates. But otherwise, how do you show people you’re trustworthy if you haven’t met them yet? Your website, of course! Here’s how to...

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Stop pretending your business is bigger

Ever felt like you should pretend your itty bity business is big enough to hire a receptionist for your receptionist? Small business is now a big thing. They’re everywhere. And some of them aren’t just small, they’re freakin’ tiny – like, literally one person. If...

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Be a real person when you email

For some reason, writing a business email can turn even the most likeable person into an office drone. They become all, “Dear Sir/Madam”, “Thank you for your feedback”, and “Yours sincerely”, which gives me a mental image of them typing with their pinky finger...

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Pleased to meet you

Ben Chapman-Smith

Ben Chapman-Smith

I didn’t quite make it as a pro surfer, so fell back on my other great love – writing. I’ve worked in journalism and communications and love telling a good story.

Briar Douglas

Briar Douglas

I’m a words person, a strategy person and a cat person. As a journalist and content marketer, I get excited about web content and making a plan for your site.